The best mouse for the MacBook Pro is a great investment if you have one of Apple’s laptops, but don’t want to rely on the touchpad. Not all mice are created equal and not all special extra mouse features will work in the Apple environment. A gaming mouse with more than six buttons for your MacBook or Mac, for example, might be a waste of money, and not just because Apple notebooks aren’t really the best gaming laptops.

Apple devices are all about simplicity and seamlessness of workflow, and an ideal mouse for your MacBook Pro should let you use that inherent design to its full potential. First and foremost, choose a mouse that is optimized for use on macOS. A wireless mouse or a USB-C wired one is also a better option than one that still connects via a USB cable (as you’ll need to use an adaptor). And, if you’re a content creator (which a lot of MacBook Pro users are), you’ll want a mouse that comes with programmable buttons to simplify your creative tasks.

Whether you just got your very first Apple laptop or you’re just ready to move on from the trackpad, you’ll soon realize the difference the best mouse for MacBook Pro makes in your daily tasks. Find the ideal one for you in our list below just in time for the upcoming release of the rumored MacBook Pro 14-inch, alongside our price comparison tool for the best mouse deal.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 against a white background

(Image credit: Apple)

1. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Best mouse for MacBook Pro overall


Interface: Wireless

Buttons: None, Multi-Touch surface

Features: Multi-Touch surface, month-long battery, rechargeable

Reasons to buy

+Multi-Touch surface is a boon+Easy to pair and use

Reasons to avoid

Not cheap

As a rule, the OG is always the best, and the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is no exception. After all, Apple designed it to work beautifully with Mac and MacBooks. It screams Apple as well, with a smooth Multi-Touch surface that allows it to get rid of any buttons and lets its users perform gestures that make their computing life all the more seamless, and a small and thin footprint so it goes anywhere your MacBook Pro goes. Since it’s wireless, you do need to remember to charge it, but Apple promises month-long battery life so you don’t have to do it so often. 

Logitech MX Master 3 against a white background

(Image credit: Logitech)

Best MacBook Pro Mouse for content creators


Interface: Wireless

Buttons: Eight

Features: App-specific button customizations, two scroll wheels, ergonomic design

Reasons to buy

+Multi-device connectivity+Excellent tracking on most surfaces

Reasons to avoid