Cisco CCNA Voice Certification Examination Tutorial – Default Max Ephone and Ephone-dn and Configurations

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How numerous phones and listing numbers can be configured on Cisco Unified Communications Supervisor Express by default?

Answer: Zero!

Indeed, by default, no ephones or directory figures can register. Right before carrying out nearly anything else, the adhering to configuration is expected:


Router#configure terminal
Router(config-telephony)#max-ephones 4
Router(config-telephony)#max-dn 8

This allow up to 4 telephones to sign up / be configured and 8 listing numbers.

If you you should not do this, the router will not make it possible for ephones or ephone-dns to be developed. Listed here is an instance of what would come about:

R1(config)#ephone 1
ephone tag 1 exceeds max-ephones
R1(config)#ephone-dn 1
dn 1 exceeds max-dn

The most variety of ephones and ephone-dns that can be configured is platform dependent. In this article is an case in point of my router that can assistance 30 phones with up to 150 ephone-dns:

R1(config-telephony)#max-ephones ?

Optimum telephones to support

R1(config-telephony)#max-dn ?

Optimum directory numbers supported

Cisco have a wonderful doc exhibiting you how a lot of ephones/dns are supported on distinct platforms. Have a glance below

As an instance, applying CME model 4.3:
The 2801 supports 25 phones and 120 ephone-dns
The 2811 supports 35 telephones and 144 ephone-dns
The 2821 supports 50 phones and 192 ephone-dns
The 3845 supports 250 telephones and 720 ephone-dns

(There are some others, be sure to refer to the website link over for a entire listing)

Cisco also recommend that you only enable the number of ephones and ephone-dns for the quantity you have to have, not the highest the platform can assist. The explanation is that when a ephone / ephone-dn is developed, it works by using up memory on the router. You should not just create them simply because you can! Produce only what is needed.

To your results!

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