Shoutout Command for Streamlabs and Twitch Tips and Tricks for OBS and SLOBS 2021

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This streamlabs command is simple and I think it should be included in every stream. The premade command is a great feature if you need to spend time preparing other things for your next stream. Watchtime is the most common name for this type of command, but if you want to name your command something like !

Otherwise, your channel may quickly be blocked by Twitch. Now that we have our chatbot, python, and websocket installed; we should open up our obs program to make sure our plugin is working. Go to ‘tools’ in the top menu and then you should see something like ‘obswebsocket.settings.dialogtitle’ at the bottom of that menu. Click it and make sure to check ‘obswebsocket.settings.authrequired’.


We hope that this list will help you make a bigger impact on your viewers. To add custom commands, visit the Commands section in the Cloudbot dashboard. Now if you have followed the steps listed above, and the ! Watchtime command is not working for you, here are some reasons why. It just might confuse some of your viewers and so I don’t recommend it.

  • Shoutout —You or your moderators can use the shoutout command to offer a shoutout to other streamers you care about.
  • You may also want to go into the advanced setting section and add a “User Cooldown”.
  • Now i would recommend going into the chatbot settings and making sure ‘auto connect on launch’ is checked.
  • In this tutorial we will be using the Streamlabs Cloudbot.
  • Go ahead and click on the file and hit ‘open’.
  • Here you have a great overview of all users who are currently participating in the livestream and have ever watched.

Not sure why the other was showing the “currently offline”. Find the location of the video you would like to use. I have found that the smaller the file size, the easier it is on your system. Converting a video file to a .webm works great! Here is a free video converter that allows you to convert video files into .webm files. If your video has audio, make sure to click the ‘enable audio’ at the bottom of the converter.

streamlabs chatbot gif/video commands

The huge added benefit is that things like cooldown time and other values can be changed from outside of the script, without having to touch the script at all. SC has a few handles to add and check for cooldowns on a user or a command. I’m going to show the user-specific cooldown here. You might not want your commands to be available to everyone all the time, even though they’re awesome. You could have a busy chat or someone could be a troll and spam the command all the time.

How do I add a command on twitch?

To use any command or chat feature simply type the required command into the text-box and hit Enter . words surrounded by curly brackets ” and ” symbols indicate a required value, for example: username would require a username (i.e. “Justin”).

Next, make Streamlabs a mod by going to your Twitch chat and typing /mod Streamlabs. No_exclude_replies– Works similarly to include replies, except this query string cannot be specified as just empty unlike include replies. Implode– If this is specified, the list will be returned in plaintext compared to a JSON array (use a+for space). Implode– If specified, the list will be returned comma-separated (“, “) instead of JSON/a “newlined” list. I’ll no longer be monitoring the comments for this post, and will soon set up a permanent redirect to the new domain. Go on over to the ‘commands’ tab and click the ‘+’ at the top right.

Better Twitch TV

To use Commands, you first need to enable a chatbot. Streamlabs Cloudbot is our cloud-based chatbot that supports Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo simultaneously. With 26 unique features, Cloudbot improves engagement, keeps your chat clean, and allows you to focus on streaming while we take care of the rest. Watchtime command enabled on both the Cloudbot and the StreamElements bot then both bots will send an automated response when the command is used. You CAN have Nighbot, Cloudbot, and the StreamElements bot running on your channel all at the same time.

Can you do sound commands with Streamlabs Cloudbot?

You can use the cloudbot to play sounds depending on your application. Users can activate sounds via a chat command for example. This can be done from the Loyalty Store section – you can have sound effects set to a cost of 0, allowing users to activate them with commands same as the standalone bot.

Basically it echoes the text of anyAPIquery to Twitch chat. Some of these commands have optional parameters that can help you customize your query results which I have noted for each command – be sure to play around with those. This returns all channels that are currently hosting your channel (if you’re a large streamer, use with caution). Go through the installer process for the streamlabs chatbot first.

Basic Setup

Hit Save Settings in the UI and head back to your IDE. This saves quite a bit of work and makes the script easier to handle for people who aren’t used to scripting. There are quite a few things that could go wrong in a program and having logs to pinpoint the location will save a lot of time when debugging these problems. This is basically all I need to show you. Logging what your script is doing and when it’s doing it is the fastest way to find out where a bug could be hiding .


We hope you have found this list of Cloudbot commands helpful. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Twitch commands are extremely useful as your audience begins to grow. Imagine hundreds of viewers chatting and asking questions. Responding to each person is going to be impossible.

Game Specific Commands

It is really just a users’ preference. This is because the bot doesn’t track your viewers watch time. Watchtime command on your channel, you will need to use a bot such as Cloudbot or the StreamElements bot. Watchtime command is easier to set up than the Cloudbot command, but the down side is that you are not able to edit what the automated response is for StreamElements. The following commands take use of AnkhBot’s$readapifunction.


Also for the users themselves, a Discord server is a great way to communicate away from the stream and talk about God and the world. This way a community is created, which is based on your work as a creator. The counter function of the Streamlabs chatbot is quite useful. With different commands, you can count certain events and display the counter in the stream screen.


If you’re looking to implement those kinds of commands on your channel, here are a few of the most-used ones that will help you get started. For a collection of different basic, semi-advanced, and extremely advanced commands, take a look at a stream of theSlychemist. Most of my commands are visible there. This was the “basic” step-by-step to create a Twitch command script.

Popular livestreaming software Streamlabs OBS is launching on … – The Verge

Popular livestreaming software Streamlabs OBS is launching on ….

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