The 52 Best Gifts for Women for Birthdays, Holidays and Just Because Days

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Shoppers, we feel your pain: Finding the right gifts for women can be a potential minefield in the best of times, and these days, supply chain worries are making us reach for the ashwagandha in anxiety. But fear not, we’ve chosen 52 great gifts for women, including who would like which gift, for your click-and-buy pleasure. There’s something for the exercise fiends and the couch potatoes; for the cooks and the poor sleepers and the beauty product junkies. (And just try reading through the list and see if there’s not an item or two you need to add-to-cart just for yourself.)

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For the Woman Who Loves Cocooning

This diffuser atomizes a few drops of essential oils into the air for up to eight hours, looking great doing it. (Bonus: There’s a sliver of light near the base that makes a great nightlight.) Sculptural and silent, this little device freshens the air (especially when it’s got a drop or two of organic eucalyptus extract inside) elegantly.

Buy It ($119)

For the Jacket Collector

Filled with four ounces of down, this innovative fashion separate was dubbed “the new sweater” by the resourceful lady herself. Your giftee will appreciate its versatility, since it looks great layered over jeans and a plaid shirt if you’re running around in your golf cart surveying the back acreage of your New Bedford manse (like Martha) or pulling on with a skirt and statement earrings to go to drinks (like mere mortals without estates). It comes in nine shades, from vivid red to burnished gold. And, need you ask—yes, there are pockets.

Buy It ($60)

For the Zoom Conferencer

She never has to fumble to put herself on mute again with this dedicated mute button. Compatible with both Mac and PC interfaces, the device plugs into a computer port and users can program it to light up to indicate their microphone is on or muted, toggling between the two settings with a quick tap.

Buy It ($49)

For the Laptop Worker

If she complains of a stiff neck and shoulders, gift her what’s basically a heating pad on steroids. This plug-in wearable massager drapes around the user’s shoulders and has three speeds and a heat setting to variably knead muscles while they are watching TV or, thanks to the car power adapter, driving in traffic. “After 30 minutes of massage, my shoulders and neck really got deep relaxation,” one reviewer says, saying that he uses it daily to make his neck and shoulders feel better.

$50 at Amazon

For the Bath Soaker

Arnica, calendula flowers, Himalayan pink and Epsom salts along with the fragrances of citrus and evergreen—all that plus 20 mg of relaxing CBD extract in every small scoop. These luxurious bath salts are great for chilling out after a hard day to release tension in muscles, and she’ll appreciate that you respect her aquatic “me time.”

Buy It ($65)

For the Fashion-Forward Dresser

Trend-watchers have decreed this piece to be the new Amazon Coat—teddy bear fleece in a versatile car coat length. Here in hard-wearing polyester iteration, this coat is as cuddly as a stuffed animal but smarter looking with its clean lines and crisp lapel. If your recipient is a minimalist, gift the sand or dusty rose hue; fashion iconoclasts will thrill to the leopard print and hot pink versions.

$66 at Amazon

For the Yogi

The gold standard of yoga wear is Lululemon, and Nulu fabric is the brand’s buttery soft and lightweight weave that’s made especially for stretching in the studio. The Align pant fits like a legging and is designed with comfort, performance- and buns-boosting flattery all in mind, since the wide waistband won’t roll down to reveal any tummy or love handles the wearer would rather keep under wraps. And the options! There’s the diamond-dyed olive colorway (the latest version of tie-dye) and 25 more multi-hued options and lengths (25, 28 and 31 inch inseams). Seriously, she’s going to see these leggings and immediately book her favorite class to show them off in.

Buy It ($98)

For the Weekend Putterer

Fashioned out of combed, long-staple Turkish cotton, the result is a robe that feels like the most absorbent and cuddly towel that keeps you warm as you putter around the house all morning. Nice wide sleeves with adjustable cuffs and a tie waist let wearers make this as snug or flowing as they like, and the colors range from essentials like white, smoke and graphite to more vivid ink blue, caramel, ochre and pink stripes.

Buy It ($98; $88)

For the Tablescaper

If your giftee appreciates a well-decorated home, including a fetchingly arranged coffee table, she will love this decorative and useful magnifying glass. Handmade with a stainless steel frame fastened to a rustic handle, this little glass adds an element of safari chic to any stack of books or magazines. And bonus, it’s hella useful when someone’s trying to read tiny print.

Buy It ($51)

For the Absent-Minded

If she’s always saying “Now where did I leave that…?” then this is the happy little wallet for her. Bright Saffiano leather stands out wherever she puts it down in her house, car or office. A cheery floral lining makes pulling a credit card from the inner slots a joy, and there’s a transparent slot for her driver’s license.

Buy It ($98)

For the Home Facialist

This little electronic skincare device couldn’t be easier or faster to use, and in doing so, she’ll be getting four kinds of therapies in one session: microcurrent, red light therapy, therapeutic warmth and facial massage. After few upward-and-outward strokes, along with an application of serum containing blue tansy, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, users report faded blemishes, reduced appearance of little wrinkles and more glowing complexion. And since it’s so fast and quiet, she can use it while she’s watching Netflix before bed.

Buy It ($181; 169)

For the Entertainer

Both a practical piece of tableware and a decorative vase for a rustic bouquet, this glazed stoneware pitcher does double duty for the home aesthete. That’s thanks to interior designer and TV star Leanne Ford, whose contemporary rustic chic style is so right now. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, this pitcher is made in Portugal, and she’ll appreciate how durable and high-quality it is.

Buy It ($60)

For the Task-Juggler

This roomy tote is going to be her go-to bag for everything from toting a change of clothes for the kids after practice to bringing her lunch and water bottle to work. It comes in gold, dark grey, taupe and terra cotta and has sleek little gilt accents where the handles attach. Besides being lightweight, it looks so minimalist pretty that she’ll want to hang it on a hook by the door when it’s not in use.

Buy It ($90)

For the Lover of Simple Elegance

Silk is a classic choice for a tasteful outfit, and this silk shirt improves on all the classics because it’s machine washable. Twin utility pockets and a button front create a flattering and versatile style that she can pair with a suit as well as shorts. The shirt comes in French blue, black, bone and covert green hues that stay colorfast, even with machine washing and a low tumble dry.

Buy It ($128)

For the Sleep Deprived

She’ll appreciate how this little white button of tech (3.2 by 5.6 inches) will help her sleep, without junking up her bedside table with a device that looks like a central processing unit. It plugs right in, has 10 volume settings, a night light and scheduling functionality. Users appreciate how there’s no complicated settings for rain forest storms or whale calls that actually sound demonic, just a low murmur to a louder roar to even out those household and neighborhood noises.

Buy It ($90)

For the Beauty Fan

This new face lotion is a collaboration between chic celebrity lady Victoria Beckham and cutting-edge German stem cell scientist Dr. Augustinus Bader, resulting in a luminizing hybrid that smoothes, imparts a subtle golden glow and has the healing capabilities of Bader’s TFC8 technology. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and clean. Less costly than Augustinus Bader’s The Cream but containing the same technology using natural amino acids, vitamins and synthesized molecules that the brand—and the brand’s rabid devotees—claim activates the body to regenerate its own stem cells. We like that while your giftee is waiting for the cumulative skin benefits (reducing signs of aging) to appear, she can appreciate the wrinkle-blurring powders in this that diminish the appearance of fine lines right away.

Buy It ($145)

For the Stylish Stroller

As weather seems to be stretching to new levels of precipitation, we’re predicting that we’ll all be wanting a range of rain boots from the casual to the work-wear appropriate. Your giftee will delight in the bright hue of these natural rubber rain boots (which go with everything because they actually match nothing); too, she’ll appreciate how the energetic yellow color makes even the greyest day a little brighter. Cushy neoprene insides mean these Australia-designed booties are going to really endear her to you when she pulls them on to walk the dogs, yes even in the rain.

Buy It ($130)

For the Eco-Fashionista

The tiny structured handbag is having a moment, and this Coach iteration is not only cute as a button, but it’s also made from strips of leather that have been harvested from previously made Coach bags, re-worked into a hypnotically beautiful (and one-of-a-kind) leather fabric. It’s got a central zippered compartment and two open sections lined with fabric and suede. Four protective feet keep the leather pristine, and there’s a cross-body strap for an alternative way to wear it.

Buy It ($450; $225)

For the Handbag Collector

Do you notice how she seems to effortlessly coordinate a new purse with each outfit? That’s the mark of a person who understands the impact of the exactly right accessory, so she’ll appreciate this super-soft little wristlet that has a detachable wrist strap. It’s approximately six inches-by-seven, sized to to carry your essentials inside a larger tote bag, then transition to being an evening clutch with the strap taken off. Also available in black and warm clay, the pinky-red tone is our favorite for really spicing up any outfit, like a slash of red lipstick in your otherwise understated makeup look.

Buy It ($106; $53)

For the Kitchen Gadget Collector

The multi-functional air fryer does so much more than just whip up a mean batch of crispy fries. It also broils, bakes, roasts, dehydrates, reheats, toasts, warms and acts as a rotisserie and a convection oven. The Instant Vortex is from the same company as the cult hit Instant Pot, has six temperature settings and a square basket that fits more (10 quarts) than many other air fryers.

$139 at Amazon

For the Schlepper

Practicality meets chic in this creative solution to the problem of so much to keep track of and so much to shop for. This foldable rolling bag in shiny gold has a 16-by-12-inch footprint and is 20 inches high, along with three basically indestructible handles that are made of the same polypropylene and polyethylene fabric as the walls of the bag. So she’ll be able to tote everything from laundry to groceries (it holds three big bags) to heavy tools or art supplies.

$75 at Amazon

For the All-Thumbs Hair Styler

Waves, texture and volume are the new beachy waves, and this three-barrel curling iron gives users that without any more instruction than “clamp down on your hair.” It heads up in 30 seconds, and there’s a temperature readout so users don’t risk sizzling their fingers checking to see if it’s hot yet. “The curl definition is great, and the final look is really very trendy,” says one happy user. “And the waves hold for days.”

Buy It ($89)

For the One Who Walks the Dog

On chilly mornings, everyone wants to be able to roll right out of bed, throw on some sweats and, without fussing over socks and shoelaces, dash right to taking the dog on her morning walk. That’s what this pair of fluffy leather booties promises—freedom from any thought whatsoever to her footwear, while making every step she takes a fluffy pleasure. While the boot and the lining are genuine leather and shearling, the sole is man-made—the better to give a bit of slip-proof lift off that cold and damp winter sidewalk. And no matter which pole of the Uggs are hideous/Uggs are cute divide she lands on, she’ll be thanking you for these quality boots.

Buy It ($150)

For Your Bae

Sure, it’s a fan favorite for the delish scent of tonka bean, leather and sage, with a touch of iris because what’s life without flowers? But this graphic designer candle transmits that you think she is the absolute tops. Plus, the matte glass jar is so elegant she can just turn it around on the mantle when her more straight-laced relatives visit.

Buy It ($135)

For the Practical Cook

In these 69 recipes that garnered all the clicks over the past decade, she’ll be able to choose between sections on breakfast, main courses, sides, appetizers and dessert, whipping up things like a cinnamon roll made in a skillet and sausage and broccoli rabe gnocchi that one editor makes almost every week. Plus, when you order this crowd-sourced wonder of a cookbook, you can customize the cover image to match her vibe. Plus, the book is hardcover and spiral bound, so it’s durable and stays open on the counter while you’re cooking. Did we mention every recipe passes the PureWow “we’re not doing a ton of prep or special skills or effort to get a nice dinner on the table, OK?” test.

Buy It ($27)

For the Sandwich Whiz

This cast iron French-made cooking set is going to turn out the panini of her dreams, as well as guarantee perfectly seared steaks and burgers. The weight of the matching press keeps the food in direct and even contact with heat (which cast iron is known for, as well), while the ridges on the bottom of the pan keep the food away from soggy pan drips, which she’ll know to pour out via the indentations on either side of the pan. Note: Be sure to helpfully volunteer yourself as a taste tester for when she turns out her first next-level grilled ham-and-cheese.

Buy It ($225)

For Your Girlfriend

Want to give her something that’s definitely more personal than a wooly scarf? How about this g-spot vibrator that also tickles the vaginal entrance? Four speeds and three pulsation modes mean there’s bound to be a setting that works for her, and also, it’s 100-percent waterproof.

Buy It ($89)

For the Hiking Devotee

Let her know that you appreciate all the tea and Starbucks you’ve spilled together on walks around the neighborhood by gifting her a stylish, super-soft jacket. Nulu is a favorite of Lululemon wearers for its lightweight, buttery feel; the lean cut of this stretchy hip-length jacket guarantees she’ll reach for this before that same old cotton hoody. And the drawstring hood as well as thumb holes on the sleeves mean that even if a big wind or mist comes in the middle of her outdoor time, she’ll still be covered.

Buy It ($128)

For the Instagramming Chef

The snazzy cookware that’s made for open shelving. This oven-safe, multi-use covered pot is genius because it not only replaces a half-dozen other kitchen utensils (stockpot, Dutch oven, roasting rack and more), but it also looks amazing while doing it. The covered pot version of that Internet darling the Always Pan, this 5.5-quart pan works on all kinds of cooking surfaces, from gas to induction to baking right inside the stove. It’s just under 4.5 pounds, so not the heavy lift that cast iron is, and comes in gorgeous colors (as evocative as their names, including a soft blue salt, warm terra cotta spice and elegant light gray steam!), that turn any countertop into a Pinterest-worthy set up. And since the handles are designed to double as a spoon rest, a beachwood spoon is included, as well as a steamer rack.

Buy It ($165)

For the Workout Buddy

Her home gym gets an upgrade with this ingenious exercise machine that folds to fit right under her couch or bed when she’s not using it. We like how this works the large muscles of the glutes, thighs and core in precise, non-cheating ways thanks to the machine’s design, which pushes your body’s weight backwards as you squat, so you’re really working on functional strength. Best of all, these workouts show results with just 15-minute sessions three times a week, and you can follow along with live workouts and check your form using an app. So we recommend sharing this with your workout partner that might not be ready to go back into the gym quite yet.

Buy It ($249)

For the Wine O’Clock Observant

Not only is it a joy to drink out of this fine (yet shatter-resistant) crystal, but these tinted wine glasses are also the sort of sparkly joy that one doesn’t usually splurge for oneself. Yet they’ll make having pals over for drinks that much more fun—and she’ll be tempted to collect flutes for sparkling wines, goblets for red wine and other shapes, all in coordinating hues of mauve, taupe and smoke.

Buy It ($74)

For the Touch Screen Dependent

What’s better than a pair of warm and elegant winter gloves? How about ones treated with a special coating that makes them compatible with touch screen devices? These all-leather, wool-lined gloves are easy to slip on and off, but she won’t have to because she can still scroll through her socials without having to bare a finger. Choose from four go-with-everything-winter colors, mahogany, black, dark saddle and midnight, and you’ll save her hands from all that wintertime chapping.

Buy It ($195; $98)

For the Core Building Exerciser

“What a challenging piece of workout equipment…Thanks, I’d never have bought this for myself!” she’ll say, rolling her eyes to high heaven in anticipatory sore muscles at the sight of this all-in-one-workout device. But later she’ll thank you, after she stands on the uneven PVC ball to do squats, turns the curved part down to balance on during push-ups and attaches resistance bands to have an arm workout.

$65 at Amazon

For the Groovy Dresser

Tie-dye. Figure-hugging. Shoulder pads. These are the three pleasure points of this eye-catching fleece dress that’s available in navy, chocolate and bark colorways. The just-above the knee length and long sleeves mean she’ll be wearing this over jeans and sweats all through the cold weather.

$50 at Amazon

Available in Sizes XXS to 3X

For the Couch Enthusiast

This best-selling weighted blanket maker launched a version knitted from velvet material in gemstone colors such as tourmaline and rose quartz. She’s never going to get beyond her web of streaming services now that she’s getting endorphins from her weighted blanket. But hey, that’s a good thing.

Buy It ($299)

For the Wellness Obsessed

Breathwork is the new meditation, with scientific studies backing up its beneficial effects counteracting stress and anxiety, and improving endurance, sleep quality and focus. Give her the gift of oxygenated blood by gifting a subscription to Breathwrk, the app that educates users on correct form when inhaling and exhaling, as well as tracks her performance in short guided breathing sessions.

Buy It ($39)

For the Cheese Connoisseur

This elegant 15-inch round serving dish is going to look as good displayed on her kitchen shelf as it does on the table with a selection of cheese, fruits and nuts arranged in it.

Buy It ($88)

For the Teetotaler

“Since I stopped drinking alcohol, I really did miss my gin and tonic,” says one reviewer about this collection of distilled alcohol-free beverages. So he mixed two ounces of Seedlip Grove 42. Added five splashes of orange bitters, then added light tonic water, ice and a slice of lemon. “I was skeptical, but all I can say is wow!” he reports, after enjoying his mocktail. Besides the citrusy Grove formula, the other two bottles are the herbal Garden and the aromatic Spice.

$92 at Amazon

For Your Always-Chilly Pal

Chunky knits are trending, and this cute cropped cardigan not only checks all the fashionable-in-2021 boxes (relaxed shoulders, three-button front) but also is classic enough so that she’ll wear it for years to come. (Maybe even as her office sweater—if she ever goes back to the office.) And the cotton-and-nylon fabric holds its chunky shape, even if she’s stuffing it in her tote bag during the day.

Buy It ($110)

For the Oenophile

This online wine purveyor is pretty much genius, since it has members take a quick quiz about their taste preferences then sends along a few bottles a month, which some giant algorithm says they will like based on more than 5 million member ratings. And Winc offers gifts cards in $60, $100 and $150 increments, with no membership required, if you want to let your giftee follow her nose to pick out their own bottles. Best of all, you can send the gift cards virtually, so it’s an easy last-minute gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

Buy It ($60)

For the Hardcore Athlete

Fitness enthusiasts know foam rollers are great until you find you just can’t really get in there to loosen those tight muscles. So they’ll love the gift of this smart vibrating foam roller that gives them three hours of powerful vibration on a single charge (so it’s great to take right to the gym or studio or park to use for both warm-ups and cool-downs). Hypo-allergenic EVA foam construction means it’s tough, which it had better be when she cycles through all five Bluetooth-controlled speeds to ease those tight quads. And she’ll appreciate the carrying case, because no one wants to drop their roller in the parking lot.

Buy It ($149)

For the Commuter

Is she always calling you from the car, during her multiple hours a day behind the wheel? To remedy or forestall back aches and posture problems, this ergonomic car seat evenly distributes body weight across the hip and thigh while reducing pressure on the lower back. Extra dense memory foam stands up to all your sitting down, and it’s handy for car trips, too, since it can be swapped between the passengers and the driver to help everyone avoid fatigue.

Buy It ($75; $69)

For the Gardener

As the days grow shorter, she’ll appreciate looking out of her garden window or fire escape to see a lacy orb of light glowing back at her. That’s the charm of this 12-inch synthetic lace lantern, made to endure the outdoors even through winter. Leave it in the sun all day and it will glow for from five to seven hours, all without any hardwiring hassle.

Buy It ($48)

For the Sneakers-and-Skirts Wearer

Is she all about arch support and not going to put on a pair of heels no matter how cute her dress is? Then gift her these sophisticated and funky high tops from Cariuma, an eco-brand that plants two trees for every pair of shoes sold. The cork footbed molds to wearers’ feet, so look forward to getting raves on the comfort of these.

Buy It ($98)

For the Perpetually Chilly

We’ve established that the shirt-jacket hybrid is a hard-hitting fashion statement in cooler weather. Now we’re happy to report—and to urge you to snatch up before it sells out—that a third fashion staple, the duster coat, has also melded into this style. Hence, this calf-length plaid cotton-poly blend shacket that manages to evoke a little prairie and Paris simultaneously. TLDR: She’s going to thank you for her new statement piece.

$45 at Amazon

For the Fashion Early Adopter

This indie shoemaker has just introduced an impossible comfortable wintertime iteration of their best-selling wooden clog, and it’s eye-catching. A four-inch heel and two-inch platform add height, while the memory foam insole makes walking on wood all day not taxing at all. In colors rangng from winter-appropriate emerald, black and navy as well as sienna, lilac and brocade print, there’s a zip bootie here for everyone. (And if your giftee is a real iconoclast, they’ll treasure the Holly Hobbyesque vintage deadstock patchwork version.)

Buy It ($248)

For the WFH Everywoman

What used to be disgraceful (working from bed!) has now become commonplace, so gift her a supportive backrest so that she can at least be the coolest-looking person on her Zoom call. This “husband pillow” was voted most attractive by our Purewow reviewer, and we see why with its curvy shape and widewale corduroy zip-off cover. There’s even a handy carry handle in case she gets ambitious and, say, moves her action station to the couch.

Buy It ($44)

For the Aspirational Nail Artist

This manicure company has a mani kit that simplifies salon-quality nail care, including a nail file, buffer, perfecting clean-up brush, steadying polish brush handle, cuticle serum and shiny top coat (oh, and an acetone-free polish remover pot just like in salons). Add to all this, four shades that make up a tonal chic and understated color story: cinnamon brown, terracotta orange, dusty apricot and creamy neutral, plus another shiny top coat. It’s foolproof self-care that even a nail care newbie will master.

Buy It ($82)

For the Fan of Skin Care

Perfect for transitional seasons when skin is most stressed, as well as ski and sun seasons, this super-hydrating mask feels like you’re leaving honey to soak into your face for 15 minutes. Which, actually is what you are doing, since organic honey, avocado oil and sea buckthorn fruit oil are the primary ingredients. We’ve used this and saw an instant glowy change in our skin after just one use.

Buy It ($68)

For the One With the Hair

It’s a fact, stress is causing hair loss (that’s telogen effluvium to you) these days. So treat what hair is hanging on with these chemical-free keratin products that contain fibers that stay attached to hair, strengthening it even after rinsing and styling. Marula oil, curcumin, red clover and cannabidiol round out the botanicals and leave hair with a light but intoxicating herbal scent.

Buy It ($86)

For the Frequent Flyer

She’ll stay cozy in flight with this knit microfiber shawl that slips over the head. With its luxurious warmth and soft feel, she’ll find it hard to believe this nylon-and-rayon piece is machine washable.

Buy It ($118)

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For the Tech-Minded Chef

This thermal cooker is all the rage among home chefs for its ability to preserve juices and flavor by precisely controlling heat for longer times at lower temperatures. A quiet pump circulates water heated to between 77 and 210 degrees over many hours, and you control it all via an app on your phone. Gift with star chef Hugh Acheson’s recipe book, then just wait for the dinner invitations.

$81 at Amazon

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