This nibbling robot toy is CES 2022’s weirdest gadget… and we really want to try one

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Yukai Engineering, the organization that introduced you that headless cat robotic – sorry, “tailed cushion that heals your heart” – has arrive by way of powerful yet again at CES 2022. The newest addition to its selection, and walking a similar line in between appealing and just weird, is a cuddly toy that nibbles your fingers. It can be called the Amagami Ham Ham.

The concept is based on the assumption that we all harbour a top secret desire to have our fingers nibbled, but we can not actually delight in the ‘nibbling’ phase with infants or puppies, for occasion, since we have to instruct reported infants that biting is terrible, prior to their confidence and tooth increase more than enough to do some authentic harm to whichever they choose to munch on. The finer wording may possibly have been a target of translation challenges, but I am fairly self-confident that’s the gist. 

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